Culinary Technology Camp for Teens

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Camp for Teens

At the International Culinary Center, aspiring chefs, sommeliers, and restaurant owners learn trade secrets from industry leaders. In addition to their celebrated professional programs, the International Culinary Center provides ample opportunities and resources for amateurs and young chefs.

Both campuses in New York and California offer multiple opportunities for teens who would like to learn more about cooking. In addition to pastry and culinary programs, the New York campus offers a special culinary technology camp just for teens. This program invites young people aged 13-18 who have already completed the basic culinary camp to learn about the newest and most exciting developments in culinary technology and molecular gastronomy.

The culinary technology camp builds on techniques introduced in teen culinary camp. It introduces modern takes on traditional methods, using processes such as flash infusing, pressure cooking, and spherification. Teens get the opportunity to use smoking guns, vacuum chambers, and other specialty equipment under the supervision of industry leaders.