Julienne – A Classic Knife Technique for Fruits and Vegetables



Formerly the French Culinary Institute, the International Culinary Center (ICC) is a respected presence in New York’s Soho District that also has locations in Italy and the San Francisco Bay Area. The International Culinary Center meets the needs of serious cooks who are looking to begin careers in a highly competitive industry, as well as amateur enthusiasts. Multi-day classes for community members in Northern California include Food and Wine Pairing and Knife Skills.

The knife skills class offers hands-on experience in handling ingredients precisely in the home kitchen environment. Skills taught include knife sharpening and honing, and the correct ways of holding a knife. Also emphasized are a full range of knife cuts, from dices of all sizes to the baton cut and the julienne.

Used to create thin slices of fruits and vegetables, the julienne begins with cutting the sides and panels off. With the fruit or vegetable set on the cutting board with the skin side facing down to prevent slippage, the knife is rocked quickly and with vigor in the cook’s direction. To guiding the knife the knuckles are used, with the fingers safely tucked in.

Julienne has techniques specific to certain items. For example, carrots are first peeled and the ends cut off. Then thin sections of one to two inches in length are created. These slices are then set on top of each other and julienned into thin matchstick-size pieces.