Food Insecurity Is Prevalent as the Cost of Food Increases

New York City, City Harvest Image:
New York City, City Harvest


The International Culinary Center supports City Harvest by supplying volunteer cooking teachers in the organization’s classrooms and in public schools.

Based in New York City, City Harvest is concerned about hunger throughout the United States but focuses its efforts locally. Of specific note is the problem of food insecurity, an increasing issue as food costs continue to rise. The term “food insecurity” refers to the lack of enough resources to purchase healthy food for all the family members in the household. Since 2000, food costs have increased in New York City by 59 percent, but wages have only risen 17 percent. This leaves a deficit in residents’ budgets for purchasing food.

As of 2013, food insecurity affects more than 49 million Americans. The cost of a full meal across New York City is approximately $4.37 per person. It is estimated that on any given day, this cost leaves 1,360,740 people in the New York City area hungry for a full meal.

Families with food insecurity worry that they will not have enough food to last until the end of the month, worry that they must choose between paying for electricity or food, worry they will not have enough money to pay their rent, and frequently skip meals so that the food will stretch far enough to feed the family.