The International Culinary Center’s Farm to Table Program

Farm to Table Program pic
Farm to Table Program

Founded by Dorothy Cann Hamilton, the International Culinary Center is an academic institute that emphasizes various aspects of the food industry, from general professional culinary courses to courses on food writing, restaurant management, and much more. The International Culinary Center (ICC) seeks to provide its students with not only a direct route to the culinary job of their dreams, but with a culinary education that takes into account modern dining and food industry trends.

For example, the Farm to Table Culinary Arts program is a collaboration between Chef Dan Barber – an ICC alumnus – Blue Hill, and the Stone Barns Center for Food and Agriculture. Farm to Table students engage in 600 hours of intensive training, which involves both hands-on food preparation and discussions about the societal significance of sustainable food services. The program’s experienced chef instructors provide students with relevant food history at the start of every class before engaging in the day’s food preparation activities.

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