About International Culinary Center

International Culinary Center

A culinary academy with locations in New York City and California, International Culinary Center (ICC) provides a diverse array of program offerings. Featuring a graduation rate of 91.5 percent*, ICC prepares aspiring chefs for their careers in a matter of months.
At its California campus in Silicon Valley, International Culinary Center offers its signature Professional Culinary Arts program, taking students from basic knife skills through every station on the line in just six to nine months. ICC’s curriculum, taught with the hands-on Total Immersion℠ method, provides real world knowledge, including a paid externship, to support students in any field of the culinary industry.

After completing the classroom portion of the total immersion program at International Culinary Center, with the help of ICC’s dedicated Career Services, students are matched with a suitable restaurant for their externship. During this time, students work as a member of the kitchen and receive personalized evaluations from their chefs. Once students complete their externships, they receive their diplomas in a ceremony at the famous Carnegie Hall in New York City.

*Graduation rate is based on 1,926 students graduating out of the 2,106 students available for graduation at ICC NY included in the annual reports submitted by ICC to ACCSC in 2013-2015.